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The Breakdown Service for

Horsebox & Trailer Owners

T he Organisation of Horsebox and Trailer Owners Breakdown Cover is fully comprehensive, supplying all areas of equestrian sport and leisure with the best available service throughout the UK and Europe.


The Specialist Breakdown

Service for the Steam


Open to owners of steam propelled road going vehicles and the owners of low loaders used for hauling vintage vehicles it is another unique service supplied by PRP.
The Breakdown and Recovery Service for all Race Teams and Individual Drivers. A breakdown or a tyre problem incurred by a towing, transporter, mobile home or back-up vehicle on the way to a race meeting could cost you dearly. Transporter Rescue will put an end to that worry with a assistance programme for all your vehicles.

Horse Trailer Breakdown


A s the UK and Europe’s largest and most comprehensive equestrian emergency service, PRP Rescue now offer new OHTO Horse Trailer Assist, replacing Horse Trailer Assist.
Our Services The services offered by PRP are diverse. Our equestrian background is still core to our business, but our expertise in call management and the handling of emergency situations has led to a varied and diverse company profile. Our customers are just as varied as our services. From looking after the Lloyds Black Horse touring the County Show Circuit, through Milton, Denman and Carl Hesters’ Valegro (flat battery late one Sunday night at Olympia). We were even once called out to change a tyre on a circus trailer with lions in it! From individual memberships to partnerships with large companies, the service levels and requirements are customised to fit. The services shown below give a brief overview of some of the operations that have grown within our organisation since 1985. PRP Rescue Service customers expect and get the best. Our dedicated team of call handlers all have extensive experience with horses and are each specialists in their field. They are used to dealing with both unusual and demanding circumstances. Whilst each call is individual, our call teams tend to work within two basic areas, the general handling of problems specific to the databases of our members or clients and the emergency call that originate through the Highways Agency or the Police Traffic Division. Call Handling At PRP Rescue customer care is the number one priority and that is just what we provide in a stressful breakdown situation. After the first contact from our breakdown service providers, we take control. All future contacts with those stranded are initiated by our controllers. Our customers are given the reassurance that we have handled situations similar to theirs countless thousands of times. Calls can be made on their behalf to anyone who needs to be contacted with regular information calls to allay any fears. Our job is to ensure that a what starts out as an inconvenience does not escalate into a full-blown crisis. PRP Rescue realize that breakdown call-handling is not just about crisis management, logistics and contacts. It is also about public relations. Whether we are looking after a stranded horsebox in the middle of Europe, closing a major motorway to transfer horses onto new transport or changing a trailer tyre on the way back from Pony Club, they all get treated with the same sense of quiet urgency. We do our best to look after every horse and vehicle as if they were our own. That alone is the sole reason for our success.

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