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NTET Traction Breakdown...

The Specialist Breakdown and Recovery Service for the Steam Enthusiast. 

Established   since   1954   the   National   Traction   Engine   Trust   has   over   4,000   members   of   all   ages   and   gender   in   over   20 countries world wide. The   NTET   is   held   in   high   esteem   and   is   the   umbrella   Organisation   for   the   Steam   Traction   movement   with   affiliations   held by   over   30   Organisation   in   the   UK   and   world   wide   including   the   Federation   of   British   Historic   Vehicle   Clubs,   the   Road Locomotive Society, the Road Roller Association and many regional Clubs and Associations. When   the   NTET   wanted   a   Breakdown   and   Recovery   Scheme   for   their   members   they   turned   to   PRP   Rescue   Services.   Open to   owners   of   steam   propelled   road   going   vehicles   and   the   owners   of   low   loaders   used   for   hauling   vintage   vehicles   it   is another unique service supplied by PRP. Usually,   an   individual   can’t   obtain   the   benefits   of   ‘group   commercial   vehicle   recovery   services’,   even   on   a   ‘Pay   As   You   Go’ basis.   You   have   to   be   in   business   or   registered   with   a   recognised   trading   Organisation.   So,   if   you   don’t   have   access   to recovery facilities then consider these facts: Just to get a mechanic to your vehicle could cost £100 or more £500 might get you moved about 4 miles off a motorway Attendance for a tyre repair, excluding the cost of the tyre, could cost between £100 and £250 A lift and tow up to 15 miles could set you back around £450 - £550 A lift and tow up to 400 miles round trip could set you back between £1,550 and £2,200. If the police insist on arranging a recovery for you when your vehicle is incapacitated then the sky’s the limit. The   NTET   Breakdown   &   Recovery   Scheme   covers   the   cost   of   all   the   above      -   and   more   -   for   a   single   low-cost   annual membership fee. Click on the logo below to go to their website.
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