”Safe Hands in a Crisis”
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We Care...

PRP Rescue Service customers expect and get the best. Our dedicated team of call handlers are each specialists in their field

and used to dealing with both unusual and demanding circumstances.

Whilst each call is individual, our call teams tend to work within two basic areas, the general handling of problems specific to

the databases of our members or clients and the emergency call that originate through the Highways Agency or the Police

Traffic Division.

Call Handling

At   PRP   Rescue   customer   care   is   the   number   one   priority   and   customer   care   in   a   stressful   breakdown   situation   is   just   what   we provide. After   the   first   contact   from   our   breakdown   service   providers,   we   take   control.   All   future   contacts   with   those   stranded   are initiated   by   our   controllers.   Our   customers   are   given   the   reassurance   that   we   have   handled   situations   similar   to   theirs countless   thousands   of   times.   Calls   can   be   made   on   their   behalf   to   anyone   who   needs   to   be   contacted   with   regular   thirty minute   information   calls   to   allay   any   fears.   Our   job   is   to   ensure   that   a   what   starts   out   as   an   inconvenience   does   not   escalate into a full-blown crisis. PRP   Rescue   realize   that   breakdown   call-handling   is   not   just   about   crisis   management,   logistics   and   contacts.   It   is   also   about public   relations.   We   do   our   best   to   look   after   every   horse,   pet,   race-car   and   traction   engine   as   if   they   were   our   own.   That   alone is the sole reason for our success.

The Emergency Services Protocol

The   uniquely   specialist   equine   division   of   PRP   Rescue   Services   is   being   recognised   in   the   new   “Emergency   Services   Protocol” that   is   being   developed   jointly   by   the   British   Equine   Veterinary   Association   (BEVA)   and   the   Highways   Agency.   Whilst   this initiative   is   still   in   its’   infancy,   it   will   ultimately   become   the   actionable   protocol   of   choice   for   all   emergency   incidents   (police, fire, ambulance etc.) involving highways and livestock with PRP Rescue Services as the sole livestock emergency provider: Accidents,   stray   animals   and   other   incidents   can   often   shut   major   roads   for   hours,   proving   to   be   costly   for   not   just   those immediately   involved,   but   also   those   caught   up   in   the   after   effects.   It   is   our   belief   that   all   incidents   involving   livestock   should be   overseen   by   trained   staff   in   order   to   minimise   the   problems   that   may   arise   in   these   situations.   Below   is   a   small   selection   of how we have helped out recently. Incident 1)  22.30hrs PRP   receive   a   call   from   the   Highways   Agency   requesting   help   with   a   broken   down   horsebox   on   the   M5.   Unfortunately,   the driver   has   no   breakdown   cover   for   his   vehicle   or   recovery   for   his   horses   and   the   Highways   Agency   want   them   moved   out   of danger.   We   arrange   for   the   vehicle   and   horses   to   be   safely   removed   from   the   motorway,   the   horses   and   driver   are   then collected by one of our approved transporters and delivered home. This   is   not   an   uncommon   event.   The   subsequent   bills   from   motorway   service   agents   for   the   horsebox   recovery   and   from   the horse   transporters   for   the   livestock   recovery   are   usually      three   or   four   times   the   cost   of   a   twelve   month   breakdown membership! Incident 2) 02.00hrs PRP   receive   a   call   in   the   early   hours   from   the   Highways   Agency   (North   West).   A   coloured   cob   is   loose   on   the   M62.      We   arrange for   the   cob   to   be   collected   by   one   of   our   approved   transporters   and   stabled   overnight   whilst   attempts   are   made   to   trace   its’ home. The pony was safely collected the next day by a very grateful owner. Incident 3) 06.24hrs Two   loose   ponies   are   found   by   the   Highways   Agency   on   the   M1   in   Yorkshire.   PRP   firstly   arrange   help   with   catching   them   and then transport them safely to secure stabling whilst attempts are made to find out where they have come from. When   the   owner   of   the   ponies   contacts   the   Police   (thinking   they   have   been   stolen)   they   immediately   put   him   through   to   our operations room. Mr.   Holroyd   collected   his   ponies   the   next   day   -   non   the   worse   for   their   little   outing.   It   turns   out   they   escaped   when   their   field fencing was vandalised. Incident4) 00.20hrs No   sooner   has   the   New   Year   arrived   when   PRP   receive   a   call.   At   first   count,   more   than   ten   horses   have   escaped   from   their   field onto   the   M49.   At   least   three   of   them   have   been   hit   by   cars,   one   is   severely   injured.   We   arrange   the   fastest   possible   veterinary attention   from   our   British   Equine   Veterinary   Association   Emergency   database   whilst   offering   advice   and   help   over   the   phone   to the Police and Highways Agency. A neighbouring farmer accommodated the ponies temporarily in one of his fields whilst attempts were made to trace an owner. So,   some   happy   endings   and   some   not   so   happy   endings.   Just   a   selection   of   what   we   deal   with   on   top   of   our   everyday breakdown and rescue business. Be   sure   to   look   after   your   vehicles   and   your   fencing   -   but   if   it   all   goes   wrong,   you   may   rest   assured   we   will   there   to   look   after you.
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