”Safe Hands in a Crisis”


PRP    Rescue    Services    was    founded    in    1985    by    Managing    Director    and    equestrian    showing competitor,   Jon   Phillips.   It   was   a   direct   response   to   a   horsebox   breakdown   experienced   by   one   of his   showing   friends   on   the   way   home   from   a   show.   In   spite   of   being   a   member   of   one   of   the major   rescue   organisations   he   failed   to   get   any   help   at   all   and   ended   up   paying   a   small   fortune   to get his horses home. Now,   thanks   to   the   formation   of   the   Organisation   Of   Horsebox   &   Trailer   Owners,   thousands   of members   are   guaranteed   immediate   back-up.   The   exclusive   PRP   Tyre   Service   network   take   care of   tyre   problems,   whilst   a   further   10,000   garages   and   service   points   cover   the   UK   and   Europe. One   phone   call   is   all   it   takes   to   gain   instant   access   to   the   largest   and   most   experienced equestrian   breakdown   service   available.   OHTO   is   the   foremost   horsebox   and   trailer   breakdown cover in the UK and Europe. Today,   the   services   offered   by   PRP   are   diverse.   Our   equestrian   background   is   still   core   to   our business,   but   our   expertise   in   call   management   and   the   handling   of   emergency   situations   has   led to   a   varied   and   diverse   company   profile.   Our   recently   launched   PRP   Breakdown   App   enables   us   to pinpoint   a   vehicles’   exact   position,   fill   in   a   job-sheet   with   full   member   and   vehicle   details   and initiate   a   response   -   all   within   a   split   second   of   the   App   being   activated.   Our   Rider   Rescue   phone application also leads the way in keeping equestrian riders safe at all times. Our   customers   are   just   as   varied   as   our   services.   From   individual   memberships   to   partnerships with   large   companies,   the   service   levels   and   requirements   are   customised   to   fit.   The   sections opposite   give   a   brief   overview   of   some   of   the   operations   that   have   grown   within   our   organisation. PRP   will   tailor   a   service   to   fit   any   requirement.   From   the   logistics   of   rescuing   a   stranded   steam traction   engine   to   the   changing   of   a   tyre   on   a   horse   trailer.   Each   is   as   important   to   us,   as   it   is   to our customers.
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Our   awards   include   the   BHS   Sefton   Award   For   Outstanding   Contributions   to   Equestrian   Safety   in   2011   and   the   Prince   Michael   International Road Safety Award in 2013. If you want the best services in your sphere then PRP Rescue is the only choice.
PRP Managing Director, Jon Phillips
The BHS Sefton Award For Outstanding Contribution to Equestrian Safety 2011
The Showing Council Outstanding Achievement Award 2013
Rescue Services Ltd
The Prince Michael International Road Safety Award. 2013